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1. Treasury
a) Overseeing the Financial arm of the Church including:
- Savings and Checking accounts
- Income/Expenses
- Pastor’s Salary and expenses
- Building & Utility Bills
- Benevolence
- Bookstore accounts
- Other Ministries accounts: Tapes, Missions, etc

b) Balancing Church Budget
- Making Yearly Budgets
- Banking & Book-keeping

c) Accountability
- Provide weekly, monthly; quarterly and yearly reports
- Provide the structures for Annual Audit
- Provide yearly Tax Reports for all the members

d) Other
- Organizing Stewardship Services
- Creativity in fund raising for the church, ministries and/or projects
- Financial custodian and stewards of the church
- Financial Think Tank of the Church
- Advising the Pastor on the Financial concerns in the church

2. Finance Secretary
a) Custodian of all Financial records of the Church
- Responsible for handing the offerings at every Church related service
- Help count all monies collected at any church meetings/services
- Keep an up to date record/s of all the monies collected at services

b) Be ready to present these records for auditing at any given time

c) Advise the Pastor and/or Finance team of any irregularities

3. Auditing
a) Responsible for Inside Auditing of all financial records of the Church
b) Has the right to investigate any financial records/transactions at any given time
c) Is responsible to report any irregular transactions or financial behaviors
d) Keeps an up to date record/s of all the Church audit documentations
e) Presents an annual Audit report to the Church annually

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