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• Overseeing the Youth Ministry in the church
a) Actively recruiting all Youth into the various programs
b) Keeping an up to date database of the Youth in the church

• Provide for Sunday School, Lock-ins, Retreats, Trips etc for the Youth
a) Organize the logistics for all Youth programs and activities
b) Recruit teachers and other helpers for Youth programs, trips and activities
c) Enhancing a dynamic Youth Ministry in the church

• Youth In-reach and Out-reach
a) Ensuring a dynamic follow-up of all the youth in the church “no youth left behind”
b) Setting up programs to reach out to other youths in the community

• Nurturing of the Youth in the church
a) Provide for a dynamic curricula for the Youth
b) Be diligent in celebrating special days and any other occurrences of the Youth:
- Birthdays
- Graduations
- Parties
- Proms etc

• Mobilizing general support group for the Youth
a) In the event of misfortunes i.e. divorce, death, grief, school transfer etc
b) Special prayers and visitations incase of a special need/s

Offering counseling care for the Youth

Advising the Pastor on the needs and issues pertaining to Youth

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