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• Overseeing the General Ministry of the Ladies in the church
a) Actively recruiting all ladies into the Ladies ministry
b) Keeping an up to date database of the ladies in the church

• Organizing ladies retreats, conventions, summits and other meetings etc
a) Nominate speakers for such gatherings
b) Enhancing a vibrant ladies Ministry in the church

• Ladies In-reach and Out-reach
a) Ensuring a dynamic follow-up of all the ladies in the church
b) Setting up programs to reach out to other ladies in the community

• Nurturing of the Ladies in the church
a) Be diligent in celebrating special days and any other occurrences:
- Baby Showers, Birthdays,
- Weddings etc
b) Mobilizing general support group for the ladies
- In the event of misfortunes i.e. divorce, death, grief, job loss etc
- Special prayers and visitations incase of a special need/s

• Offering Training seminars to younger women

• Advising the Pastor on the needs and issues pertaining to ladies


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