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1. Acquisition of New Church Property/Estate

2. Overseeing the Building Projects/Extensions
i) Sunday School Classrooms
ii) Youth Center, Church Offices, etc

3. Maintaining the Church Property

3. Taking care of all the Physical Assets of the Church
i) Furniture’s, Sound Equipment, etc
ii) Taking care of the Church Landscape: Mowing the Grass, Plowing Snow
iii) Ensuring the Building/s are User Friendly:
- AC and Heat Temperatures
- Repairs and Replacing Bulbs, Lights etc

4. Maintaining Cleanliness of the Church
i) Organizing and Managing a Cleaning Roster
- Cleaning the church including the Restrooms
- Enhancing relevant church supplies e.g. Toilet Supplies

ii) Other
- Always Ready to Respond to Emergencies
- Advising the Pastor and the Church on any Trustee/Building concerns

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Wisdom Twits! Like Us!